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How to Become a Better Woodworker

These are my top 6 ways to elevate your woodworking game. I present them in reverse order. 6.Think before you do it. When you see good works and materials, you should be diligent in collecting and studying them. If necessary, you should exercise your own understanding of a single photo from one angle. When you see a work, you should be used to picking on it. In this way, you will make rapid progress and deep impression. 5.Use the best tool. Fully equipped woodworking shops have a mixture of hand and power tools. To be a better woodworker, you need to understand when to use what tool. When doing carpentry, it is particularly important to choose the right tools in the corresponding...


Manufacturing process of dovetail tenon (one)

It's very good to mark dovetail tenon with masking tape paper, Stick the masking tape paper, Draw dovetail lines, and eliminate the unnecessary, A chisel is used to remove the trace at the marking,remove the masking paper, Project to another board to make tenon, The boundaries that need to be removed and retained are very clear,  Sawing: you should be familiar with the performance of the saw first, You'd better practice with other wood first, In order to ensure flatness and straightness, chisel at 90 degrees, Prepare for assembly, When planing, the blade must be sharp, Some tools used in the production process,


The rebirth of waste floor (one)

Waste wood floor discarded in neighbor's decoration,Let's make a wooden cabinet, First plane off the surface of a layer of paint, Show wood texture, Use a finger cutter to assemble the board,Planing on both sides of board, The frame is connect them with dovetails, Open the slot of the middle intercalation plate, make 4 tenons at 2 ends of the first layer plate, and use the square tenon machine to open the hole, Trimming machine milling: the groove of back plate is 8mm wide, Splicing back panel (using a lot of scattered wood), Cut out the size of the back board with Taiwanese Opera, Wood lines are used to make the crown, Here we go to assemble, Polish inside and...