Introduction Of Essential Tools For Primary Woodworking (1) Hand Saw

Sharp tools make good work.

When doing carpentry, it is particularly important to choose the right tools in the corresponding steps. Using the right tools can reduce a lot of unnecessary physical labor and improve the sense of achievement and pleasure in the operation.

In this issue, we will learn about HAND SAW.

Hand saws are often used to cut boards and panels, or to split and crosscut wood. Generally, the sawtooth is large, which is used for preliminary cutting.

Hand saws are widely used:

1. Wood saws are the most frequently used for wood cutting, which is very convenient and labor-saving.

2. Garden pruning can also be used. The hand saw can be used for pruning flowers, seedlings, fruit trees, garden trees and other green plants.

Hand saws have many unique advantages and are popular:

1. They are easy to carry. Some hand saws can be folded or even put into pockets. Hand saws are indispensable in the field and can be taken out at any time, which is very convenient.

2. The price of the hand saw is cheap. Most of the hand saw prices range from $10 to $100, which is a necessity that families can afford to consume. Compared with the professional precision sawing equipment, a machine costs thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan. Compared with the price of the hand saw, it is too common, and the use effect is not bad.

3. The cutting efficiency of the hand saw is also very high, and as long as one person to operate, the operation method is simple and fast, and relative to the cutting machine, the hand saw is relatively safe.

Suitable Hand Saw For Beginners Of Woodworking

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