How to Become a Better Woodworker

These are my top 6 ways to elevate your woodworking game. I present them in reverse order.

6.Think before you do it.

When you see good works and materials, you should be diligent in collecting and studying them. If necessary, you should exercise your own understanding of a single photo from one angle. When you see a work, you should be used to picking on it. In this way, you will make rapid progress and deep impression.

5.Use the best tool.

Fully equipped woodworking shops have a mixture of hand and power tools. To be a better woodworker, you need to understand when to use what tool. When doing carpentry, it is particularly important to choose the right tools in the corresponding steps. Using the right tools can reduce a lot of unnecessary physical labor and improve the sense of achievement and pleasure in the operation.

4.Have an attitude.

 When you believe something will work, it usually does.My father told me when I was young that if you persist in doing something, you will win in the end.Sometimes you are irritable at work, stop and have a drink,When you calm down and think, you will find that your mind is suddenly clear and all difficulties can be solved;.Great work is done with patience.

3.Practice makes perfect.

Some works are much more complex than you can see. The same craft and different tools and wood are different in processing and use. It is the best way to be diligent in hands-on and constantly explore and learn in practice.Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you never get it wrong.It's not just carpentry. Only by sticking to it can we do everything well.

2.Know how to fix your mistakes.

The only difference between a woodworker and a good woodworker is that a good woodworker knows how to fix the mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable. Everyone makes mistakes,If you find mistakes, you should reflect on them in time and try to improve them to avoid making mistakes next time.

1.Read & Learn.

Read woodworking magazines, learn more woodworking skills, join the circle and forum of woodworking enthusiasts, and communicate with other excellent woodworkers;