The rebirth of waste floor (one)

Waste wood floor discarded in neighbor's decoration,Let's make a wooden cabinet,

First plane off the surface of a layer of paint, Show wood texture,

Use a finger cutter to assemble the board,Planing on both sides of board,

The frame is connect them with dovetails,

Open the slot of the middle intercalation plate, make 4 tenons at 2 ends of the first layer plate, and use the square tenon machine to open the hole,

Trimming machine milling: the groove of back plate is 8mm wide,

Splicing back panel (using a lot of scattered wood),

Cut out the size of the back board with Taiwanese Opera,

Wood lines are used to make the crown,

Here we go to assemble,

Polish inside and outside, brush wood wax oil,

The final result is achieved,