Introduction Of Essential Tools For Primary Woodworking (2) Wood Chisel

Chisel is one of the most commonly used tools in woodworking. Here are some tips for sharpening the chisel edge
Wood Chisel work can be divided into two types - chisel and chipping, different purposes, different chisels.
Bevel Chisels - most commonly used, mainly for cutting dead corners or joints of wood.
Flat Chisel - has a longer and thinner blade than a diagonal chisel. It is used to flatten the underside or to remove small wood chips.
Mortise Chisel - Large blade and large handle used mainly for opening mortise holes.
Bevel Edge chisel -- A type of chisel with a slanted edge that is easily accessible to a dead end. Used for chamfering or grooving.
Chisel is one of the tools commonly used in carpentry. Whether the chisel works well or not depends largely on the sharpening edge. After the chisel is polished, the middle of the chisel blade should be concave in the shape of a crescent. The concave depth should be generally 1-1.5mm. The length of the two corners should be the same, and the chisel should not be grinded into an oblique shape.
Some carpentry also knows the above requirements, but in the specific process of grinding also cannot up to the standard, and sometimes may grind into a protruded crescent shape. Some people had to make a deep ditch in the middle of the chisel blade, which was neither sharp nor beautiful, and it was difficult to remove slag.
How can I grind a nice chisel?
The method is very simple. When grinding the chisel, push-and-pull the chisel on the edge of the grindstone, push-and-pull on the left edge, and the right side of the grindstone occupies 2/3 of the full edge, and push-and-pull on the right edge of the grindstone, the left side of the grindstone blade takes for 2/3 of the full blade. This is repeated alternately push and pull, then can grind a qualified chisel.
When buying woodworking chisel, the following points for your reference:
1.Types of shape; woodworking chisel has a stout shape and slender shape;
You can choose it according to your demands. A shout chisel for chiseling hardwood/thick wood, and a slender chisel for chiseling wood veneer.
2.Outward appearance;
A regular woodworking chisel factory, the production of woodworking chisel is carefully processed, exquisite workmanship and polished smooth, while the private blacksmith chisel, not carefully processed, so the surface of the chisel is rough.
3.The edge;
The quality and the speed of a wood chisel are depending on the edge of the chisel. Choose a chisel with a hard edge, so that you can work hard and save effort.

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